British Pattern 1905 Staff Sergeant’s Sword

Manufactured by Mole and is well marked and dated 11. Mounted with a slightly curved blade that measures 32 ½ inches in length which remains in near mint condition. The large steel cup hilt is nicely detailed with pierced working and lovely engraving. The wood strip hilt is fish skin covered and secured by two rivets through the tang. The large metal scabbard is also well Regimentally marked and remains in extremely nice condition with only one very small ding just next to the throat. Overall measuring 41 inches in length. 

According to Brian Robson, Swords of the British Army; “A curious hybrid pattern was introduced in July 1905 for all dismounted corps except Highland. This consisted of a cut-down Cavalry Pattern 1899 blade mated with the Pattern 1897 hilt. It can only be assumed that this makeshift design was introduced in order to make up losses in the South African War. It is doubtful if many were made or issued and in 1912 both the 1898 and 1905 patterns were modified to substitute the cypher of George V for that of Edward VII.”

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