THE FLYING ACE (1926) – dir. Richard E. Norman

When a railroad agent with $25,000 in his care disappears, World War I flying ace and former detective, Billy Stokes, volunteers to solve the crime. He also happens to be in love with the station master’s daughter. Featuring an all black cast, this was one of the last films produced by the Norman Film Company.



A French Naval Sword of Capitaine Modene, captured 1762

The sword of Capitaine Modene of the French Frigate L’Oiseau was taken at 17th October 1762. The Frigate L’Oiseau was captured by HMS Brune,under the command of Captain Tonyn, a 30-gun frigate. Ironically HMS Brune was originally a French ship that had been captured by the British ships Venus and Juno earlier in the 7 Years War and then commissioned into service with the Royal Navy.