Every single journalist on Twitter that’s referring to right-wing protestors in Portland right now as “conservative” is both a liar and an active fascist collaborator.

Here’s Mr. Andy Ngo, who the right wing at large wants you to believe is
totally innocent and unjustly persecuted, neglecting to mention that
the people being attacked here are members of the openly white
nationalist American Guard, who were founded by a fascist skinhead.

Andy Ngo wants you sympathize with fascists. Andy Ngo is a fascist collaborator.

Here’s Jack Posobiec, self-described “nationalist conservative,” framing the same people as victims, neglecting to mention that they are an openly white nationalist group.

Jack Posobiec wants you to sympathize with fascists. Jack Posobiec is a fascist collaborator.

Here’s Elijah Schaffer, reporter for The Blaze, framing the American Guard as the victims and neglecting to mention that they are a white nationalist group.

Elijah Schaffer wants you to sympathize with fascists. Elijah Schaffer is a fascist collaborator.


In case it were not clear enough, the Proud Boys, the primary group of right-wing protestors, are joining the overtly white nationalist American Guard in open arms.

This was specifically a fascist and white nationalist rally, and any journalist who doesn’t start their reporting with that is irresponsible at best and an active fascist collaborator at worst.

Regarding that hammer…




On this day, 29 July 1962, fascist Oswald Mosley attempted to march through Manchester. However he was attacked by anti-fascists who knocked him to the ground, and had to be rescued and escorted by 250 police, who were unable to prevent the fascist being pelted with tomatoes, eggs, coins and stones. Following the March Mosley attempted to speak but he was drowned out by a crowd of 5000 anti-fascists who forced police to call off the meeting after just seven minutes. Clashes between local residents and Blackshirts continued for some time, and the police arrested 47 people.
We are working on a podcast episode about struggles against Mosley. Were you involved in any of these protests, or do you know an older friend or relative who was? If so please do drop us an email on info@workingclasshistory.com https://www.facebook.com/workingclasshistory/photos/a.296224173896073/1176890332496115/?type=3