Yes, its called a gorget.

And to answer the question of @old-ordnance

they are where a lace rest, or Arrêt de Cuirass, would have been mounted.


That articulated gorget thingy on the neck, does it have a name?


A fantastically etched and gilt Cuirass,

  • Height (from floor): 62.2 in/158 cm
  • Total Weight: 6.1 lbs/2784 g

Southern Germany, ca. 1510, housed at the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Rüstkammer, Dresden.

Arrêt de Cuirass


Mle 1854 Imperial Guard Cuirassier’s Cuirass and Helmet

Helmet manufactured c.early 1870′s by Delachaussée – serial number 1.
Cuirass made by the Manufacture Impériale de Klingenthal c.1856, size 2 width 1 – serial number 89.
Steel with brass fittings, stamped imperial crest on the helmet, with horsehair on the comb.

Although mostly obsolete by the time of the Franco-Prussian war, these suits of armor were still impervious to any melee weapons, and pistol shots up to point-blank range.