No but moralizing about how you don’t deserve the vaccine yet is greatly reducing vaccination numbers it’s not your job to worry about if you’re “stealing” a vaccine from someone else there is a National supply and when it’s your turn it’s your turn. Refusing to get vaccinated is not going to magically vaccinate a bed bound rural person. It’s just going to get vaccine doses thrown in the garbage. God.

Every vaccine dose ups our herd immunity.  Every vaccine dose potentially frees up treatment for other people who might need it.  Get the vaccine!  There’s no “selfish” reason to protect yourself and everyone else from a deadly virus.

Waiting my turn, just not cutting in front.


February 6, 2021. St Louis

Inmates at St. Louis Justice Center demonstrate against the US genocide occuring in prisons. Inmates are being left to die, and are in some cases being punished with exposure to COVID-19. Despite earlier pleas and protests within and outside of the jail, safety conditions have not improved. The COVID pandemic is in its 10th month now.

For people incarcerated in US prisons, COVID infection rates are triple the outside rates and mortality is double the outside rate.

Even court efforts to reduce the prison population are being disobeyed by local police departments.

Prisons aren’t race neutral, they were created to target and oppress Black, Indigenous, brown, and immigrant people.

Poverty produces underlying health conditions and is killing BIPOC at rates over double that of white Americans.

People are being left forced to die from COVID because the government doesn’t represent nor care about these community members. It’s a genocide