Sultan Selim (ex-SMS Goeben) in dry dock at Sevastopol for cleaning and
painting between 6-12 June 1918, after Germans captured the port. The
German-crewed “Ottoman” große kreuzer had not been in dry dock since
before the Great War; the Ottomans did not have a dock large enough to
service her, so all hull repairs were done with cofferdams – and repairs
were numerous. The ship was damaged on a variety of occasions,
particularly the January before this photo was taken; Yavuz had struck
three mines, run aground, and been damaged by two aerial bombs after the
raid on Imbros, in which she had sunk the monitors Raglan and M28. The
event had been a confused mass of activity; Ottoman and British aircraft
fighting overhead, indirect fire from a monitor while grounded, the
loss of Midilli (ex-Breslau) to at least five mines, and the dedicated
towing efforts of the old battleship Turgut Reis (ex-SMS Weißenburg) to
get the battlecruiser back to the Dardanelles.