Sep 3 1914 “Mitrailleurs van het 7de Linieregiment poseren met hun honden | Machine gunners of the Belgian 7th Infantry Regiment pose with their dogs … Machine gunners identified by Jean Pecher as Krutwig and De Doncker. Photo by Jean Pecher.”

Aug 20 1914 in WWI


IWM (Q 53206) “Belgian soldiers sit behind a barricade armed with rifles in a street in Louvain (Leuven) during the retreat to Antwerp” August 20 1914

IWM (Q 53205) “The Retreat to Antwerp. Belgian troops waiting for the enemy behind a barricade on the road during the defence of Louvain”

IWM (Q 53203) “The Retreat to Antwerp. Belgian troops guarding a bridge over a railway at Louvain”