“My privilege will try to make me complicit by default.”

This really hit home, so I’m posting it for others to see.


[Image description: A photoset of a white vlogger in front of a bookshelf filled with DVDs, with the captions: "How is it my responsibility, or even my place, to apologize for the actions of my ancestors? Because they did it in my name. They did it for the prosperity of their descendants. But I don’t want any benefits conferred through slavery. I know it’s impossible for me to shed every single advantage that my ancestry affords me, but the least I could do is examine it. Be critical of it, to be as proactive as possible when it comes to the whole ‘not being complicit in historical atrocities’ thing. As a person of considerable privilege, I consider it my responsibility because my privilege will try to make me complicit by default.“]

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