TIL During the Bosnian War, a former Danish Special Forces officer named Helge Meyer used his 1979 Camaro to go through the front lines during the Bosnian War to deliver humanitarian aid. The US Air Force helped modify the Camaro by adding kevlar panels, reconnaissance and stealth tech.

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This car fucks so hard

Meyers still has the car too. It’s been repainted.

His nickname by locals during the war was Guds Rambo

“God’s Rambo”

The “stealth tech” was the matt black paint coat, which

blocked out the heat seekers to some degree, and the “reconaissance tech” included infrared detectors, night vision and radio station which allowed him to eavesdrop on enemy’s radio communication.

The black pipe frame at the front was a battering ram used to push whatever obstacle he encountered off the road, and at one point, mine plow was installed at the front to protect the car from IEDs and mines lying on the roads:


The tires were filled with foam so he could continue driving even if they were shot through.

Meyer drove around in military clothing but changed to more casual clothes when delivering the aid so he wouldn’t scare the children:


He never carried any weapon in his vehicle, claiming that the Bible is the only weapon he needs (hence the “God’s Rambo”). However, the Camaro had one secret weapon as well: to quote one of Alestorm’s songs, “speed is a weapon of war“, so the car was fitted with nitrous oxide injection, allowing Meyer to temporarily double the engine output from 220 HP to 440 HP. If anyone tried to catch up on him, he simply engaged the nitro and drove away at neck-breaking speed: despite the mass of Helge’s balls weighing the car down, the Camaro could go zero to 200 kph in 13 seconds.

Also he carried a rubber duck at the front grill for good luck:


Apparently it worked, because while delivering supplies to the besieged Vukovar, he got shot by a sniper. Fucks given: null – his kevlar helmet got tossed away a couple meters, but blocked the bullet.


Usually he carried medical supplies and food, but occasionally he would bring toys for children: at least one time, LEGO donated brick sets for him to deliver to kids in besieged towns.


The Camaro has been repainted yellow after Meyer came back from the Balkans, but it was reported in 2018 that the car is back in black, as the movie adaptation of Helge’s 2009 book Gottes Rambo is on its way, indicating that the car may simply play itself in the movie.



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