If you guys didn’t see some white girl posted a montage of her colonizer experience in Hawai’i and has been getting dragged for days now lmao I’m not gonna link it cause it’s just her and some other haole girls she met her literally dancing on graves and sacred places and showing off her dirty hair.

But I did a little thread on why these romanticized ads of our home harms us (not super in depth but touches on some important points). And I was a lot nicer about it cause I actually do care if you come to visit and I’d actually prefer that everyone leave us alone forever but colonizers gonna colonize and settlers gonna settle 🤷🏽‍♀️

Doesn’t this seem at least a *little* xenophobic?

Me: think about the ways you harm indegenous people when you occupy our land

Yall: If you won’t let me come to your land and colonize it, you’re xenophobic

Learn what real xenophobia is. Central Americans seeking asylum are dying at the U.S. border because of white American xenophobia.


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