Hello, I love your blog and especially love the cross-cultural scope of your posts. I wanted to ask you if you knew anything about weapons and armor—especially swords—from Ivory Coast. I used to live there as a little kid, in the center of the country near Bouake, and wanted to know more about my second home. Thanks, and cheers!


I’m not all that personally familiar with the arms of Western Africa, so I asked some of my friends over at the Historical African Martial Arts Association (HAMAA) what they knew.

I was told that swords popular among people in neighboring countries are what would have been used in the Ivory Coast, namely Akrafena swords popular among the Ashanti,

and a variety of swords used by the Mandinka people from Mali (of which the Ivory Coast has a significant population.)

If you are interested in learning more, I suggest you head over to the HAMAA Facebook page I linked above.


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