I’ve read every word of HB481 and the codes associated with it. If you have a uterus in the state of Georgia, here is what you should know:


1. Anyone with a uterus that is 6 weeks pregnant ( 2 weeks late ) with an embryo that has a detectable heartbeat will be forced to carry it to full-term.

2. An embryo with a detectable heartbeat, as early as 6 weeks, will be considered a “natural person”.

3. An embryo with a heartbeat, as early as 6 weeks, will be eligible for population based determinants and will qualify as dependent minors on income tax forms.

4. Leaving the state to get an abortion elsewhere will cause you to be liable to a charge of Conspiracy to Murder, punishment could be from 1 to 15 years in prison.

5. Abortion will be considered equal to the homicide of a child which is charged as Second-Degree Murder, punishable by a sentence of up to 30 years in prison or by capital punishment.

6. “Spontaneous Abortion” includes miscarriages and stillbirths. Investigations will follow.

7. If you are able to get an abortion, then a district attorney of the judicial circuit of your residence will be given access to all of your health records.

8. The “father” / fertilizer will be liable for medical and pregnancy payment needs for the mother. Mandatory child support payments will begin at birth.

9. The only way to obtain an abortion in Georgia legally is if a licensed medical physician determines that you are

* at life-threatening medical risk

* mentally and emotionally well

* within 20 weeks / 5 months of pregnancy


*Does not include ectopic pregnancies

**DOES include any pregnancy caused by incest or rape, unless a police report is filed by the time gestation reaches between 13-20 weeks / 3-5 months.

***No exceptions for minors.

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