This 1000 year old Katana looks as good as it did the day it was made. [3746×3024]


Oh man… This is no longer my lane but I can’t leave this at “1000 year old sword”.

This is Mikazuki. The Crescent Moon blade.

This sword was crafted by Sanj(y)o Munechika and is older than 1000 years. (The Smith’s oldest signed work is from 987).

There are only 5 of the smith’s pieces remaining and this one exhibits one of the first times in history that the Japanese sword takes on it’s utilitarian curved shape.

This sword was owned by a laundry list of important historical figures including Oda Nobunaga’s general Toyotomi Hideyoshi who unified Japan.

You are essentially looking at a Japanese Excalibur.

I am humbled to even be able to see a picture of this sword.

If I could ever see this blade in person I might just die there on the spot.

This blade is one of the finest examples of the blacksmith’s art ever created. Ever. Anywhere. Period.