“…are now increasingly stuck with a reality where employers will only bring you on as a contract worker.”

Dystopian Present. Civilized Progressive solution: Break up the large Oligopolies that can fix wages low and prices high by [a] bringing back Teddy Roosevelt’s anti-trust Laws. Then [b] tax corporations like FDR, Truman, Ike, JFK and LBJ did so that it becomes “smart” again to write-off higher wages rather than obscene salaries and benefits for the Boards. To help Labor move where the work is [c] enact Universal Healthcare d] remove Socialism-for-Rich tax ‘advantages’ for empty domiciles and Stores and [d] instead provide ‘incentives’ for Loans to affordable rent-frozen apartments in every community. Provide [e] government loans to convert armament factories and dockyards to domestic production by utilizing military budget. Then [f] convert part of military budget to infrastructure upgrades-and environmental clean up [g] Tax the rich as per Ike and re-fund public education and release college grads from loan slavery. [h] Purchase food farmers and retailers can’t sell and end world hunger.

Uncivilized Radical solution: Let things decay for another 10-15 years until rioting creates some form of Totalitarian Society. Preferably one that seize production and guillotines the Rich.

The only way out is through.

[For those worried about US military budget: you need to study the budgets for the last two decades (yes, “research” required). Or accept my conclusion that we hav not spent Trillions fighting poorly trained and equipped oil riggers and opium farmers. We have spent trillions on armaments that are “sitting-duck” obsolete in an age of conventional missles. We can do with a much smaller military budget]

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